Mental Health

Mental health has an impact on almost everyone around the globe. Apart from that the children
and especially girls have been exposed to mental ahealth challenges. This is a dire situation that
requires a lot of intervention. Sexual abuse among teenagers has very negative effects on the
mental health of these girls. They suffer depression, anxiety, low self-esteem.

mental health

There are just but a few to mention. These kinds of effects in turn hurt their lives. If the mental health of the adolescents is affected that disables them from achieving their potential and worse of it is a threat to their health in general. AWOCHE holds mental health talks with adolescents in schools and is looking into the establishment f mental health clubs that would engage the students in different learnings and practices to boost their mental health because we believe it's very key in the life of individual thinking and acting. Mental awareness is done in all the schools and community discussions forums we engage in the community. The impact of the individual and group mental health awareness has reduced a numbers of mental illness to individuals and it has improved productivity.


We are a youth led community organization based in Kibera informal settlements with an objective to empower the community to make an informed decision for sustainable development.

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